Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do You Have a Smash Book

I love my smash book.  I don't use it the way most people do.  In other words, I don't actually use it as a scrapbook.  I have a 12 x 12 book.  I like color palettes.  I use it for different color palettes that I have found.  Then when I get ready to create a card I go to my smash book and look at some of the color combinations to do something different or just get inspired.

 I would print these out on my color printer and then cut them down and put them in my smash book.  Now when I need inspiration or just get bored with the usual color combinations I can go look through my stash.


  1. That a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing...hugs! Leah Ann

  2. Great idea, can you share a few of the pages and how you decorated them?
    Cindi W

    1. I will take some pictures and put them on here so you can all see how I did it.

  3. This is one great idea Crystal - thank you so much. As you can tell I am really running behind.


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