Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Back to Work for Me

I have been released to return to work Monday, 12/9 for half days thru 1/6/14.  I still tire easily so the doctor wants to make sure I don't over do it.  I work 7-11 so I can get home and nap if I need to. 

I am feeling much better and want to get stuff done (why is it we always feel better and want to get things done when it is time to go back to work?)  I am trying to get Christmas cards done.  I ordered the Heartfelt Creations Christmas card kit.  It is awesome.  It gives you card fronts, sayings, etc.  You just add your embellishments.  Love it!

I will post pictures if I ever get them done. 


  1. Chris so glad to hear you are doing better. Cannot wait to see your heartfelt creations cards. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas

  2. So gad you're starting to feel better, take care and don't over do things
    Merry Christmas Hugs Julie P


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