Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hero Arts

Today was a totally awesome experience.  I got to take two classes from Shari Carroll of Hero Arts at my favorite scrapbooking store - The Keepsake Element.  We made a ton of cards.  As  indicated earlier, I am working on an antiquated computer since my hard drive blew.  My son has an old processor he is kind enough to let me use, but it doesn't allow me to upload photos.  So, I will take pictures of the cards we made and upload them from my work computer.  We did some different techniques that I have not done before so it was a worthwhile day!

Shari was very personable and funny.  If you get a chance to look her up she has several videos out on her various techniques.  She is well known for her collage art.  She developed "color layering" and "color blending" techniques for Hero Arts.

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