Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aren't Dogs Great

I snapped this picture of Cooper, my dachshund. He is such a cutie pie. He was in between two pillows on the couch.

Then Regan thought she should have her picture taken. She is a beagle/boxer mix.  She's such a pretty girl.



  1. Elizabeth was wearing a cute light green swearshirt today with a picture of an owl on the front. It's really cute. I told her that if Chrissy Chris was coming over today, she would love her shirt. She said, "But Chrissy Chris doesn't like green." I said, "Yes she does!" She said she wanted Chrissy Chris to bring her doggie over to play with Lady MacBeth.

    Too funny! I love pictures, but love the cards, too!

  2. Hi, Crystal! I'm a little slow, but had to come see your cuties. Don't they just melt your heart? Cooper is so adorable tucked in between the two pillows, and I can SO read the expression on Regan's face. I've seen it on Wally's. Give them smooches for me. You can bet I'd be doing it if I was there with them!


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